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Cuisinart 14-Cup Food Processor with Stainless Steel Blades

Effortlessly Prepare Delicious Meals with the Cuisinart 14 Cup Food Processor - Perfectly Slice, Shred, and Mix with Stainless Steel Accessories Included!

- Durable: The stainless steel construction of the attachments and the base makes the Cuisinart food processor durable and long-lasting, ensuring it can handle even the toughest of food preparation tasks.
- Easy to Use and Clean: The food processor is easy to use, with simple controls and a large feed tube for easy ingredient insertion. Additionally, the attachments are dishwasher safe, making clean-up a breeze.

The Cuisinart 14 Cup Food Processor is a must-have kitchen appliance for any home cook or professional chef. This powerful food processor includes a stainless steel standard slicing disc (4mm), medium shredding disc, and stainless steel chopping/mixing blade, making it the perfect tool for all your food preparation needs. With a large 14 cup capacity, this food processor can handle even the toughest of jobs, from slicing vegetables to shredding cheese and mixing dough. The powerful motor ensures that all tasks are completed quickly and efficiently, while the easy-to-use controls make operation a breeze. Whether you're looking to save time in the kitchen or take your cooking skills to the next level, the Cuisinart 14 Cup Food Processor is the perfect choice.